-New Song and Cover Art Unveiling-

Last year we paid a visit to Marco at Hellforge Studio and recorded a cover version of “Venus in Furs”, a song originally by The Velvet Underground and released in 1967.
We are more than pleased with the result! The recordings of our third album will begin in July and take place at Hellforge Studio again.
The painting that adorns the wall above the bed in the video unveils the cover art for our third album. French artist and musician Maxime André Taccardi (Maxime Taccardi Artworks) painted it with the blood of his veins. A photograph of the original painting will follow soon. Don’t miss it and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram!

Our thanks go out to:

– Markus who recorded the video (Markus Waldhoff – Photo & Art)
– Daniel for his work in video post-production
– Sarah for enduring all the blood and the cold


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